Adding Value to Your Home | Selling Home in Greater Lansing, MI

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Adding Value to Your Home

Adding Value to Your Home | Selling Home in Greater Lansing, MI

Welcome to our guide on enhancing the value of your home in Greater Lansing, Michigan! If you're planning to sell your home and want to maximize your return, understanding the local real estate trends and which improvements can boost your property's value is crucial. Let's dive into some effective strategies and current market insights to help you achieve the best possible outcome from your sale.

Introduction to the Lansing Housing Market

In recent months, the Greater Lansing housing market has shown promising trends for sellers. With a significant increase in median home prices and a high percentage of homes selling above their listing prices, now is an opportune time to consider selling. For instance, homes in Lansing have recently sold for an average of 3% over the listing price, with some areas witnessing even higher premiums due to strong buyer demand.

These trends reflect a dynamic market where well-prepared homes are quickly snapped up by eager buyers. As of the latest reports, the median home price in Greater Lansing has climbed to approximately $250,000, marking a steady increase over the past year.

Key Factors Driving Home Values in Lansing

Several factors contribute to the rising home values in Lansing. Economic growth, low unemployment rates, and an influx of new residents looking for housing options are significant drivers. Additionally, Lansing's appeal is boosted by its vibrant community, excellent schools, and robust local economy.

Statistically, properties that align with buyer preferences—such as modern amenities, energy efficiency, and appealing aesthetics—tend to sell faster and for higher prices. For example, homes with updated kitchens and bathrooms often see a return on investment that can exceed 60% of the renovation costs, depending on the nature of the improvements.

Essential Home Improvements That Add Value

Investing in key home improvements can significantly increase your property's market value. For instance, updating your kitchen can yield a return of about 70% to 80% on your investment. Bathroom renovations are also lucrative, with an average return of 60% to 70%. These numbers highlight the practical benefits of targeted upgrades.

Popular Home Improvements

Consider refinishing hardwood floors, which can recover nearly 100% of the cost at resale, or adding a fresh coat of paint, which offers one of the best returns on investment due to its low cost and significant impact on aesthetics.

Landscaping and Exterior Appeal

First impressions are crucial, and enhancing your home’s curb appeal can increase its value by up to 7% to 14%. Simple projects like adding mulch, planting flowers, or installing new outdoor lighting can make a substantial difference.

Outdoor Projects With High Returns

Projects like adding a patio or a wooden deck can see more than an 80% return on investment. Strategic landscaping not only boosts appeal but also helps in faster selling of the property.

Upgrading Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency improvements are not just good for the environment—they're also appealing to today’s eco-conscious buyers. Installing solar panels, for example, can increase your home’s value by up to 4.1% according to recent studies.

Benefits of Energy-Efficient Upgrades

Enhancements such as high-efficiency windows, LED lighting, and energy-efficient appliances can lead to significant savings on utility bills, making these investments particularly attractive to potential buyers.

The Impact of Modern Kitchens and Bathrooms

Modernizing your kitchen and bathroom spaces can be a game-changer when it comes to selling your home. A minor kitchen remodel, which might include new countertops and updated appliances, can recoup about 80% of the investment, attracting buyers willing to pay a premium for ready-to-move-in conditions.

Minor Updates with High Returns

Replacing an outdated vanity or adding a backsplash in the kitchen can significantly enhance appeal without breaking the bank, often returning more than the investment when it's time to sell.

Smart Home Technology Enhancements

Integrating smart home technology is becoming increasingly popular and can add significant value to a home. Features like smart thermostats, security systems, and automated lighting systems are not only convenient but can also make your home stand out in the market.

Investment vs. Potential Increase in Sale Price

On average, adding smart home features can increase your home’s value by approximately 5%, a worthwhile investment for those looking to sell in tech-savvy markets.

The Importance of Regular Maintenance

Keeping your home in tip-top shape through regular maintenance can prevent small issues from becoming costly repairs and can reassure potential buyers about the quality of the home. Regularly cleaned gutters, serviced HVAC systems, and timely roof inspections are crucial.

Maintenance Tips Before Listing

Before listing your home, ensure that all major systems are in good working order and that common areas are well-maintained. This attention to detail can reduce the bargaining power of buyers looking for price reductions based on maintenance issues.

Staging Your Home Effectively

Staging your home can make a significant difference in how quickly it sells and for how much. Professionally staged homes tend to sell for 6% to 10% more than non-staged homes. Staging highlights your home’s strengths, downplays its weaknesses, and appeals to the greatest possible pool of prospective buyers.

Benefits of Staging

Staging can reduce the listing time on the market by as much as one-third to one-half compared to non-staged homes. By creating an inviting atmosphere, staging helps buyers visualize themselves living in the space, which can speed up the selling process and potentially increase the offer amounts.

Marketing Your Home in Lansing

Effective marketing is key to attracting buyers and getting the best price for your home. Utilize online listings with high-quality photos and virtual tours to reach a broad audience. Local real estate websites are also a valuable resource for highlighting your home to potential buyers in the Lansing area.

Using Digital Marketing and Open Houses

Combine traditional marketing methods like open houses with digital strategies such as targeted social media ads to maximize exposure. These methods help engage potential buyers both locally and from out of town who are looking for homes in the Lansing market.

Navigating the Lansing Real Estate Market

Choosing the right real estate agent is critical to navigating the Lansing market successfully. A knowledgeable agent can provide invaluable advice on pricing, marketing, and negotiating to ensure you get the best possible deal. They can also help you understand current market conditions, which can greatly influence your strategy for selling.

Choosing the Right Real Estate Agent

Look for an agent with a strong track record in your specific area. An agent who understands the local market nuances can effectively target the right audience for your home.


As you prepare to sell your home in Greater Lansing, consider implementing these strategic upgrades and marketing approaches. By focusing on what today’s buyers are looking for and leveraging expert advice, you can significantly enhance the appeal and value of your property, ensuring a successful sale.


This guide has explored various effective strategies to add value to your home in Lansing, from making smart improvements and maintaining your property to staging it well and marketing it effectively. By understanding and applying these tips, homeowners can expect not only to increase their home's market value but also to accelerate the sale process, achieving desirable outcomes in the vibrant Lansing real estate market.