Stats and Values on a home

A successful home selling campaign merges traditional and modern strategies to target both audiences. As technology availability and consumption increases, modern buyers are able to glance at vast open home catalogs in mere seconds. However, staying on top of new emerging real estate trends is useless without covering the essential necessities fist. Old-fashioned methods are still extremely effective for the “drive-through-the-neighborhood” buyers.

Maximizing exposure by marketing 24/7 on 350+ websites…PLUS:

  • Official MSU Sponsor

Sponsoring throughout the football stadium and the Breslin Center with 360 LED fascia, LED concourse banners, Closed circuit TV, videos in suites, and much more!

  • Billboards

Partnership with OutFront Media, marketing our billboard campaign through the Lansing area.

  • Target Marketing

Distributed over 90,000 printed mailers to households in the Greater Lansing Area.

  • Worldwide online exposure

Jeff is a Global Property specialist which allows him to advertise globally to an additional 800 thousand REALTORS worldwide to attract international buyers.

  • Google Local Services

Google certified Real Estate business, which gives us page 1 status marketing to buyers and sellers. Which in turn gives us a higher quality of buyers and sellers who call us directly.

  • SEO

Our Marketing offers maximize Search Engine Optimization resulting in high internet viewership. SEO leads have nearly a 15% higher close rate, which is extremely effective. That means that about 1 out of 7 viewers, who are also potential buyers, could be the next purchaser of your home.

  • Social Media Platforms

Market and advertise your listing(s) on multiple social media platforms, reaching 2500+ local people monthly!